Sunday, November 19

I'm moving out

I have finally lost my patience with Blogger, and have decided to move my blog over to I'm really not sure what the problems were, but it seemed that I could never blog properly on Blogger when using Firefox or Flock or Ecto and especially on my iBook. The connection to Blogger just kept dropping after I went into the posting page and wouldn't go up again for a few hours, and Ecto refused to connect to and update the blog cache after August 06.

I'd actually signed up for late last year, but decided to stick with Blogger since most of my friends who blog were here too (it makes for easier commenting). Besides, there were too many posts here, and I wasn't inclined to spend a few weeks migrating all the posts from here to anywhere else. I thought it's only a blog, and one place is much the same as the other.

Today, after I got pissed with Blogger (3rd time this past 1/2 year and it seems there's been lots of complaints from people who use Ecto about Blogger disconnecting etc.), I checked out Wordpress again. It was a pleasant surprise to discover my domain still around, and even better that Wordpress was now able to import all my posts from Blogger with just a few clicks of the mouse button. So I clicked. Change your bookmarks, won't ya.